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Hassan Alawie

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About Me

Research Interest: Neuroimaging in mental health diagnosis

Current Interest: BLACKPINK (Bias: Lisa)

Favourite Artist: Drake/Keshi

Favourite Show: One Piece

Favourite Sport: Hockey (To watch), Basketball (to play)

Something I don't want to do: Leetcode

Something I'm good at: The Dougie

Something you should ask me: Why I left Biomedical Engineering at Ryerson

Something you should know about me: I love Toronto, most beautiful city in the world



Bachelor of Applied Science

University of Waterloo

Systems Design Engineering

CGPA: 3.7


Candidate for Bachelors of Engineering

Ryerson University

Biomedical Engineering.

CGPA: 3.5


Sep 2020 – Dec 2020

Front End Developer

Snapsmile – Toronto ON

• Collaborating with a group to develop the front end of a mobile app using react-native and Figma that received over $150,000 in investment.
• Contribute to product development in weekly scrum meetings.
• Communicate with CTO to handle bugs and containerize the backend with docker.

Jan 2021 – Apr 2021

Software Developer

NOVX Systems – Toronto ON

• Developed several AngularJS pages on the admin website that allows users to add/edit items from the database.
• Handled bugs and implemented new features to the WPF/SL software using C#.
• Implemented raw SQL in the admin website to decrease load times by 33%.

Dec 2018 - May 2019

Website Developer

Ryerson Engineering Student Society– Toronto ON

• Created a website where students can upload their resumes to a bank for Ryerson Engineering sponsors
• Created the UI for administrators where they can extract csv’s and change passwords for users

Sep 2019 – April 2020


Biomedical Engineering Course Union - Toronto, ON

Led and managed a group of students who ran various academicbased events for the biomedical engineering students.


  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Angular
  • React-native
  • C#/C++
  • PHP
  • Python
  • HTML5/CSS3


2018 - 2019

Deans List

Ryerson University

Achieved an average > 80%


Class Valedictorian

Victoria Park Collegiate

I've heard high school stuff doesn't matter, still very proud of this.



“Life can always change, you have to adjust.” – Drake


My Projects

“The moment I stop having fun with it, I’ll be done with it.” – Drake


Tech Stack: PHP, HTML, Bootstrap, JS

Full-stack social media project that allows users to create their own account, post pictures, comment and create their own profile. Developed SQL queries to connect and add data from an HTML form. Implemented encryption for added security.

Catch Em All

Tech Stack: ReactJS

Designed react-based web-app that pulls from the Pokémon API. Used functional and class-based components that will display a Pokémon depending on where the user clicks on the screen.


Tech Stack: Python(Flask), HTML, CSS, Folium

It scans a handwritten prescription and sends the name, address, prescription and date to a database that can be accessed through a graphical user interface. We also created a map that could hold the signatures of doctors in the area to help pharmacists avoid forgeries. More about that on challenges


Tech Stack: HTML, CSS, JS

Designed a website to support those struggling with mental health. Allowing users to send emails to site creator, a blog section, content pages for tips. Currently being used by 30+ people/month


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“I’m trying to do better than good enough.” – Drake